Trawlvue© Product Line


This sensor is mounted on the trawl grid using a mounting bracket and monitors the grid angle, thus allowing the skipper to make the necessary adjustments to his trawl in order to correct and maintain the optimum fishing angle. The Grid Sensor can perform angle measurements from 0° to 180° with an accuracy of � 1°. The sensor is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which has an operating life of 400+ hours between charges. Like the other sensors, the Grid sensor can also monitor depth.


  • Measurement: Tilt
  • Measurement Range: 0° to 180°
  • Battery life: Up to 3 weeks for a basic sensor
  • Depth: 200 Bar
  • Pitch: +/- 180°
  • Roll: +/- 180°
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°
  • Weight in Air: 6 kg