Trawlvue© Product Line


This sensor is used to monitor the catch rate of the trawl. When the cod end of the net expands due to the weight of the fish, the catch sensor cord is pulled causing the reading on the display to increase as the catch rate increases.

By allowing the catch rate to be monitored, the catch sensor can reduce wasted time towing with a full net, or continuing to tow when the net has passed through the body of fish. Also, by having pitch and roll available on the catch sensor, the user can reduce the occurrences of net damage due to rolling of the cod-end as the net fills. The user can install as many sensors on the net as desired to monitor the catch progress.


  • Measurement: Net expansion/catch monitoring
  • Telemetry Frequency: nominal 28 kHz; programmable
  • Weight in air: 6 kg
  • Battery life: Up to 3 weeks for the basic sensor
  • Frequency: Programmable
  • Additional measurements (Optional): Depth, Temp, Pitch and Roll